Monday, January 19, 2009

U.S. Ocean Policy: Have fisheries turned the corner?

Last month, The American Prospect ran a special section on the future of the oceans, including my piece on the current state of U.S. fisheries policy. Perhaps you'll be surprised to learn that many experts -- including Boris Worm, Daniel Pauly, and Callum Roberts -- say the United States is finally making some progress in improving the state of our commercial fish resources. (I filed the piece from Maine: the Portland Fish Exchange is in the lead.)

Having covered -- and written a book about -- the decline of the world's oceans, it's a welcome change to have some positive news to report. Unfortunately, must of the rest of the world is not nearly so far along.

Oh: and happy inauguration eve. I was living in D.C. during George W Bush's first inauguration; it was nowhere near as intense.

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