Thursday, January 15, 2009

A local travesty in Maine

I'm just back from Iceland (more on that soon) but had to hold off on filing my dispatches to break this story on how municipal officials here in Maine are destroying campaign finance disclosures. It's also my first radio piece, so it took forever!

Anyone here in the Portland area who is concerned about further destruction of local campaign reports, my wife has taken digital photographs of many of them and when I have a chance I'll be posting them on my website, since the city won't do so. [Link updated. 4/30/09]

Also in Maine: tonight I'm a panelist at this meeting on the future of Portland's political and urban planning processes. The corrosive (and largely untraceable) links between real estate developers and city councilors will be one of my talking points.

More from Iceland coming up.

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  1. An update: as a result of this story, a law has been passed correcting the situation. More at