Friday, January 16, 2009

Maine: the plight of newspapers

Those interested in the future of newspapers -- and Maine's newspapers in particular -- may be interested in my story in this month's issue of Port City Life magazine. Unfortunately, their articles are not available electronically (they want you to subscribe), but Mainers will find it at their local bookstore or newsstand. [UPDATE: Feb. 17 2009: story available online.]

The piece explores what went wrong with Maine's onetime newspaper of record, the Portland Press-Herald, after it was purchased by Frank Blethen's Seattle Times Company, and compares it to the experience of the Bangor Daily News, Lewiston Sun-Journal, and aggressive weeklies like the Forecasters. The piece went to press prior to the announcement that the Conway Daily Sun intends to launch a new free daily newspaper in Portland at the end of this month.

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