Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trump order on regulations unimplementable in fisheries, causing consernation

In today's Maine Sunday Telegram, I have a story on how President Trump's "two-for-ne" regulatory order is causing consternation and uncertainty for U.S. fishermen and marine conservationists alike.

The problem is summed up by a former NOAA Fisheries senior manager thusly: "Let's say you want to implement a regulation to protect a fish. Now you'd have to remove protections on two others, which makes no sense. How would you decide which two? And how would you go through the full rule making to withdraw those, with public hearings and a reasoning that would stand up to court challenge?" The answer: you couldn't. Therefore there will be no fishing regulations that reach the threshold of "significant regulatory actions" going forward so long as the order stands.

Details in the story.

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