Monday, March 14, 2016

Talking American Character on Wisconsin Public Radio, WCSH-6, Voclao

On the eve of the release of American Character, I was pleased to do live interviews about the book with Wisconsin Public Radio and Maine's own Rob Caldwell on WCSH-6/WLBZ-2's "207" program.

This morning I spent a full hour with Joy Cardin on her Wisconsin Public Radio show, which runs on their Ideas stations, complete with call-in questions from listeners. You can hear that show online here.

This evening I joined Rob Caldwell and his colleague on Maine's leading television interview
program, "207" which airs on NBC affiliates WCSH-6 in Portland and WLBZ-2 in Bangor. [Update, 3/22/16: Full video here.]

Yesterday, I started my day with Vocalo Radio's Morning Amp host Jill Hopkins. The program, a production of WBEW at Chicago Public Radio, airs across Chicago-land and northwest Indiana.

Thanks to all three programs and their audiences for an excellent kick-off and for acting as my initial practice in talking about the ideas in the book.

Tomorrow, March 15, American Character goes on sale and I'll be the guest on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network's "Maine Calling" radio program from noon to one Eastern. (Call in with your questions. ) [Update: 1/16/16: Here's the audio for that.] That evening I'll be in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for my first live event at the River Run Bookstore.

For full book tour information, including events in Portland (Maine), Beverly, Boston, Newburyport and Falmouth (Massachusetts), Greenwich (Connecticut) and Washington, D.C., click here.


  1. Any interviews with the "Deep South" media? :-)
    Charlie Buell
    Norwich, VT

    1. Yes: today did interviews with radio station in Atlanta, yesterday with one in Memphis. Also Greater Appalachian stations in Kentucky and Missouri. All of them were taped, though, so don't have links yet to audio.