Thursday, July 6, 2017

CNN Interview now online

A quick housekeeping note:

Last month I was a guest on a CNN special, Bill Weir's States of Change, talking about American Nations. That appearance is now available to watch online here.

You can also watch his hour-long documentary -- with another short interview with me talking about the implications of America's settlement history -- here.

That is all.


  1. Problem: I was not able to get your interview with either link. Would it be possible to fix those links?

  2. I just double-checked and the links (and videos) are working fine. Can you try that again?

  3. About your first link, I got it to work in Firefox by shutting down my flash-blocker extension. It lasted a little over 5 minutes -- was that its total length?

    About your second link, I get an image file and nothing else.

  4. Yes, the interview segment is about 6 minutes or so. The overall show was an hour, but they don't have the entire thing posted.

    As for the documentary, you're right! I've updated that link.

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