Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Balkanized America" - a series at Medium

Medium, the blog hosting site created by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, is developing a members only section, and invited me to create a series of articles there built around the American Nations paradigm.

The result is "Balkanized America," and the first part of the series -- an up-to-date overview of the American Nations model and its wide-ranging implications and utility -- published to the site yesterday. It's the first of at least a half dozen monthly pieces rolling which will run the gamut from hidden history to electoral analysis.

I hope you enjoy.

[Update, 8/23/17: Part 2, "The Almost Civil War of 1789,"  is available now as well.]

[Update, 9/22/18: the third installment, on new research showing a genetic legacy as well, is up now too.]

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