Monday, October 17, 2011

Is the Tea Party Doomed? My take in Washington Monthly

My first feature for Washington Monthly is in the new issue to be released tomorrow, but it's their "sneak preview" article for the month, so it just posted online as well.

The article argues that the Tea Party is doomed to failure in large swaths of the country, making it unlikely to achieve more than fleeting nationwide success. The piece is, of course, informed by the American Nations paradigm. You'll be surprised at the regional character of the movement.

Maine politicos will be interested to know that Tea Party activist and U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Ian Dodge thinks the state movement is collapsing, partly as a result of the debt ceiling debacle.

Fittingly enough, I'm actually in Washington. If you are too and have an interest in American Nations, come to this evening's Zocalo Public Square / Center for Social Cohesion event.

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