Thursday, October 13, 2011

American Nations in Portland Phoenix, Miller McCune, Zocalo

Regular readers of this blog are probably weary of hearing about my new book, American Nations, but I'm out flogging it these days, so brace yourselves....

Today, there's an extensive interview and book excerpt in the Portland Phoenix, where my more time-sensitive coverage of Maine politics usually appears. Thanks to the editors there for their interest. [Update, 10/14/11: Finally saw the print edition, which has American Nations on the cover, with a colorized map of the nations (above) to boot!]

Last night the always refreshing Miller-McCune magazine posted their interview feature on their website. [Update, 10/14/11: This piece was also cross-featured at Real Clear Science.

Yesterday, Zocalo Public Square published my essay on how the existence of the eleven "American Nations" complicates the job of running for president (and why Republicans would indeed be wise to pick Romney over Perry.) Zocalo is co-sponsoring my speaking event in Washington, D.C. this coming Monday (Oct. 17.)

And for those who just haven't gotten their fill, we have a book launch event at the Portland (Maine) Public Library tonight at 6:30. Come on by and say hello. [Update, 10/14/11: Thanks much for all of you who were able to join us!]

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