Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Signing books, Portland, Maine, Nov. 26

Black Friday participants take note: the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance is holding their annual Holiday Book Sale at the Portland Public Library from 12 to 6pm Friday. Some two dozen Maine authors will be on hand to sign books. Proceeds go to MWPA and Longfellow Books, Portland's flagship independent bookseller.

I'll be there from 4pm to 6pm to sign copies of The Lobster Coast, The Republic of Pirates, and Ocean's End. Come by and say hello.

Other authors include:
Charlotte Agell, Adrian Blevins, Jane Brox, Richard Cohen, Ron Currie, Jr, Gail Donovan, Sandra Dutton, James Hayman, Phillip Hoose, Lily King, Elizabeth Kirschner, Cynthia Lord, Wesley McNair, Lincoln Peirce, Susan Hand Shetterly, Betsy Sholl, Jeffrey Thomson, and Greg A. Zielinski.


  1. My swift purchased end with UNSIGNED books! -KJD

  2. @KJD: That can be remedied, of course; just drop me an e-mail. This is what happens when you try to game the system!