Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Business Insider on American Nations....twice

American Nations is in the midst of its second episode of mysterious internet viral-ness, this time prompted by the organic growth of traffic to a 19-month old blog post on the concept at the Washington Post, pushing the story to #1 Most Read on their site Sunday.

Business Insider has pushed it along with not one but two articles this week. The first, based on a recent interview with one of their reporters, posted on Monday afternoon and has, in two days, racked up over 330,000 views. Here's an excerpt:

Woodard says that among these 11 nations, Yankeedom and the Deep South exert the most influence and are constantly competing with each other for the hearts and minds of the other nations. "We are trapped in brinkmanship because there is not a lot of wiggle room between Yankee and Southern Culture," Woodard says. "Those two nations would never see eye to eye on anything besides an external threat."

Yesterday, the site followed up with this short article on how American Nations explains regional variations in violence, a topic I treated in greater detail in a Tufts Magazine article which prompted the first viral episode in 2013.

I'll also be on John Gibson's Fox News Radio show at about 1:20 Eastern tomorrow to talk about the book


  1. A long time ago, I read a book called "The 9 Nations of North America" by Joel Garreau where North America and Mexico were divided into 9 sections based on cultural and economic features. Why 11 sections in your book? How is your book different? I am going to re-read 9 nations? Can you tell me why I should read yours?

    1. Apart from having "a map", the books have very little in common. American Nations is a work of history; Garreau's book -- which I too read as a kid -- was ahistorical, which is why he got the "older" half of the country almost entirely wrong.

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