Friday, February 10, 2012

OpEd on American regionalism picked up by McClatchy

My recent OpEd on American regionalism is making the rounds after having been picked up by the McClatchy-Tribune News Service. Originally written for last Sunday's edition of the Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star, in the past 48 hours its run in at least five other U.S. dailies. (Some versions are shortened from the original). Hopefully this list includes one near you:

The San Jose Mercury-News (Left Coast)

LinkThe Savannah Morning News (Deep South)

The Bellingham Herald (Washington; Left Coast)

The Oregonian (Left Coast)

The Bradenton Herald (Florida; Deep South)

[Update, 2/12/2012: a seventh, eighth, and ninth paper:]

The Lewiston Sun Journal (Maine; Yankeedom)

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky; Greater Appalachia)

Sacramento Bee (Far West)

[Update, 2/14/2012: Two more:]

Juneau Empire (Alaska, Left Coast)

Contra Costa Times (California, Left Coast)

[Update, 2/20/12: my hometown paper:]

Maine Sunday Telegram (Yankeedom)


  1. I finished "American Nations" today and already recommended it in the blog of a writer and journalist in Europe, and shall recommend it also in the blogs of writers and journalists in Latin America: AMERICAN NATIONS "finally" explains the mystery that has been asked all over the world: "What makes 'mericans tick ?" ---One observation: There are two different "cowboy" cultures in the Americas: That introduced by the Spaniards, - and separately that introduced by the Portuguese: Brazil has the world's largest commercial herd of cattle, 170+million, mostly the "bos cebu" Gado Nelore - specially designed to produce "green" beef from natural pasture and to survive on tropical pastures. Brazil's "peao boiero" still may sleep out there in a hammock, and he does not ride on unreliable, sensitive, not-too-bright horses, but mules: More intelligent, need less water, heat-tolerant, and "closer to the ground". And getting a couple thousand head to swim across the river to the other shore, see youtube video TRAVESSIA VACADA RIO. (Also see "Gado Nelore") Thank you for a real education! JAN Z. VOLENS

  2. Jan - Thanks much; I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and appreciate you getting the word around the other continents. Point taken on the Brazil cowboy culture.