Wednesday, February 1, 2012

American Nations, Portland, and the Superbowl

LiveWork Portland, a blog here in Maine, interviewed me this week about the topic that's on everyone's minds: the cultural differences between Patriots and Giants fans. (And whether Portland is really a Yankee city or not.)

LiveWork isn't the only media outlet interested in this topic. Earlier this week, AdAge carried this story on the stark differences in brand preferences, music, and the like between fans of the two football teams, one from New Netherland, the other from Yankeedom. I don't know if there are any clear conclusions to be drawn from this about these respective regional cultures, but it is certainly a reminder that mass consumer culture is far from homogenous.

For more in regards to Portland (and Maine's) cultural identity, I heartily recommend one of my previous books, The Lobster Coast: Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier.

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