Friday, November 25, 2011

PBS News Hour interview, Annapolis Capital Thanksgiving message

I was a guest on PBS News Hour last night, talking about American Nations. The segment -- filmed recently at a historic tavern in Alexandria, Virginia -- is now online for those who missed it. My thanks to Margaret Warner and her team for both their interest in the book's thesis and their incredible preparation and engagement with the material.

The segment is, of course, fabulous exposure for the book, especially coming on the heels of the Washington Post's review and being this week's featured author in The Week. It's wonderful to have it catching on right at the opening of both the gift-giving and U.S. presidential campaign seasons.

I also also enjoyed this sweethearted, American Nations-inspired Thanksgiving editorial from The Capital in Annapolis, Maryland. "Thanksgiving is being celebrated today in all of Garreau's nine nations and Woodard's 11 regional cultures," The Capital's editors write. "These feelings aren't different in Woodard's Tidewater, Greater Appalachia, Yankeedom, Deep South or anywhere else under the Stars and Stripes. They aren't limited by politics. And they unite us - even if it's only for one day - with each other."

Finally, a Black Friday reminder for those of you in southern Maine: I'll be joining 25 other authors to meet readers and sign books at the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance Holiday Book Sale today, 12-3 at the Portland Public Library. Come if you can.

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  1. I enjoyed your piece on the ambivalent Midlands becoming the deciding voters in American presidential elections. Our own Canadian Midlands (Ontario) has decided most Canadian federal elections. Canadian Yankeedom is too small to affect federal politics, but Quebec/New France and the Prairies/Far West often vote in opposite blocks with Ontario swinging between them.