Monday, November 28, 2011

Charleston Post & Courier, Jefferson Public Radio on American Nations

My thanks go out again to PBS News Hour, whose interview with me broadcast on Thanksgiving evening has given enormous attention to American Nations.

This Sunday, the Charleston Post & Courier weighed in on the book, the first review from the birthplace of the Deep South. I came out o.k. "In places, Woodard stretches some to get his supporting details, and it's easy to see bias against a particular culture," the reviewer writes. "But maybe it's not so much a bias as it is anger at the regions that won't come together for the good of the country. Woodard points out that the United States doesn't have a whole lot holding it together besides its central government; if that government ceases to function effectively, he argues, this country might go the way of the Soviet Union."

Last week, I spent an hour with Jefferson Public Radio, which broadcasts across the sprawling territory of the abortive State of Jefferson in far northern California and southern Oregon, a region I argue to be divided between Left Coast and Far West. The interview and call-in is now online.

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