Friday, December 11, 2009

Canada's nuclear waste policy

With concerns about climate change and oil dependence on the front burner, some experts have argued that more nuclear power plants to be built in the U.S. Critics point out that, in addition to concerns about their economic efficacy and the possibility of accidents, nobody has figured out how to safely dispose of the waste they produce. As I reported earlier this year, a lot of highly radioactive material is now stranded at former nuclear power plant sites in places like Wiscasset, Maine.

A number of readers asked what other countries were doing with their waste by comparison: Canada for instance. My piece on Canada's plans -- and a sidebar on the problems at New Brunswick's Point Lepreau plant -- posted at The Christian Science Monitor yesterday. As you'll see, their strategy is very, well, Canadian. (Potential depository sites have to volunteer to be considered.)

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