Saturday, July 11, 2009

Travel Advisory: holidays in Chernobyl

Some briefs from the world of travel:

For those who've done it all, today's Times of London travel section features a piece on day trips to Chernobyl. A guide assures that it is perfectly safe, only "two or three" tourists a become contaminated each year.

Ireland's tourism authorities have been embarrassed by what appears to have been an irrational decision by border guards at Dublin airport to refuse entry to three young American backpackers on the grounds that their credit cards were insufficient proof of their ability to provide for themselves. (They used them to pay for $1800 tickets home.) Global Post has the story.

The Associated Press reports today on Hawaii's desire to become the base for rocketplanes, which would carry paying passengers into space and back down to, say, Japan in just 45 minutes. Package price: $200,000.

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