Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lobster Coast Talk: Stonington, Maine July 23

For all of you down in Hancock County, Maine, I'm giving a talk on the Past, Present, and Future of Coastal Maine at the Fisherman's Friend Restaurant in Stonington July 23rd at 6:30pm. It's a fundraiser for the Penobscot East Resource Center, the innovative community fisheries organization founded by Ted Ames and his wife, Robin Alden. Tickets are $20 at the door with the proceeds going to a cause my reporting has suggested to be excellent, worthy, and right-headed.

The talk is largely based on my book, The Lobster Coast: Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier (Viking: 2004), a New England bestseller that some (my parents mostly) have been so kind as to call the "owner's manual to the Maine coast." I'll also be talking about themes from my first book on the marine environmental crisis, Ocean's End: Travels Through Endangered Seas.

For questions about the event, call the center at (207) 367-2708.

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