Friday, January 26, 2018

Big in Japan, Part II

Earlier this month, Satoshi Ukai, the New York bureau chief of the Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun was kind enough to come to my home here in Maine for an interview on American Nations, which is now available in Japanese. I enjoyed speaking with him and appreciate his newspaper's interest.

For those of you who read Japanese, his interview appeared in the January 24 edition. Online subscribers can find it here. The paper also ran this book review back in January 14.

Even from here, I can tell Asahi Shimbun has a print circulation of 7 million. Friends there tell me volume one of Iwanami Shoten's beautiful two volume hardcover translation has sold out everywhere, and even the English edition of the book hit #18 overall on, which is pretty amazing.

In any case, I hope the book gets back into stock and that readers there find it useful. And thanks again to Mr. Ukai and his colleagues for their interest.

American Nations is also available in Korean and is forthcoming in Chinese on the mainland.

(Here, for search purposes, is the Japanese title:)


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