Thursday, January 19, 2017

Analyzing Trump's victory via American Nations on WNPR

Donald Trump will be inaugurated president tomorrow, and if you're still contemplating how it happened, you might check out my interview with WNPR's NEXT, a weekly show about New England.

The conversation is about my American Nations-powered analysis of the 2016 election posted over at the Portland Press Herald, wherein the Greater New England cultural space plays a pivotal role. (If you're in a hurry, scroll down to the "Rural Yankees Defect" segment.)

The full interview is up online. If you live in or near New England, you can also hear it on your public radio station (unless you live in Boston itself, in which case you're out of luck.) Here's the schedule:

WNPR / Connecticut Public Radio: Sunday at 6pm.

Maine Public Radio: Friday at 2 pm. [May be pre-empted by inauguration.]

WNHH (New Haven): Saturday at 8 am.

New Hampshire Public Radio: Saturday at 10 pm.

New England Public Radio: Sunday at 10 pm.

Vermont Public Radio: Sunday at noon.

Enjoy. And thanks again to NEXT for having me on again. (We last spoke for their very first program last year, when we talked about the origins of New England culture.)

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