Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recapping the strangest month in Maine governance for Politico Magazine

This past month has been the strangest in memory for Maine governance, starting with the governor squeezing a rubber squeaking pig at a Christmas Tree-themed press conference and ending with him under legislative investigation, the threat of impeachment, the shadow of a federal civil rights law suit, and having provoked a potential constitutional crisis while letting dozens of bills he opposed become law and burning bridges with many of his natural allies.

My round up of this chaotic period posted at Politico Magazine today. Here's a sample:

“For whatever reason the governor has chosen to demonize the entire legislature and people in both parties who don’t always agree with him on everything,” says Sen. Roger Katz, a moderate Republican whose face adorned one of the ornaments on LePage’s Christmas tree. “There is so much he could get done if he chose to work with the legislature instead of against it.”

My last piece for Politico Magazine was on the reasons for our regional disunity and, prior to that, this Letter from Budapest.

[Update, 7/20/15, 18:00: Rachel Maddow's blog has picked up the story, which has been No. 1 at Politico for most of the past 48 hours, suggesting the nation has an unusual interest in Maine politics.]

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