Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Making of Cynthia Dill

Here in Maine, the big political race this season is for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Olympia Snowe, whose sudden retirement announcement back in February took the entire political class by surprise.

There are five candidates, but even in the most generous analysis, it's a three-way race between former two-term independent governor Angus King, sitting Republican secretary of state Charlie Summers, and Democratic nominee Cynthia Dill, a state senator.

I've been researching "the making of...." biographies of these three candidates for the Maine Sunday Telegram, seeking to show where the candidates came from, how it shaped who they are and the values and political philosophies they hold and, in the broadest sense, what those values and philosophies are as demonstrated by their extant political career. The first, on Angus King, appeared late last month.

The Cynthia Dill profile is in this morning's Telegram, and traces her life from her birth in Carmel, New York (where the Dills are a well-known and much respected family) to her rapid political ascent, which has seen her go from first-term town councilor in Cape Elizabeth to a major party nominee to perhaps the most influential legislative body in the world in just six years.

A side note: Maine politicos may also be interested in my post yesterday at the Press Herald's Open Season blog, in which Ms. Dill hints at the possibility of a "last minute deal". In a Facebook comment yesterday, Dill further clarified that she might leave the race if someone -- presumably Mr. King -- stood up for "Democratic values."

The third installment of this series - on Mr. Summers - is scheduled to appear a week from today. [Update: 10/28/12: The Summers piece is out too.]

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