Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Washington Post review of Rutkow's "American Canopy"

My review of Eric Rutkow's debut book, American Canopy: Trees, Forests, and the Making of a Nation, will be in the Washington Post's Outlook Section tomorrow. For those outside the Capital region, it's also available online.

For those looking for additional reading selections, my most recent reviews for the Post were of E.O Wilson's The Social Conquest of Earth and David Hackett Fisher's Fairness and Freedom.

Also thanks to all those who attended yesterday's benefit for Maine author Cynthia Thayer at Portland's Longfellow Books. Was a pleasure meeting you all, and I gather it was a successful event.

[Update, 6/10/12: The Denver Post picked up this review today as well.]

[Update, 6/17/12: Ditto for the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and Austin American-Statesman.]

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