Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On Maine's flawed caucuses at Down East

I've been writing about the flaws in Maine's presidential caucus system for four years now, but I think Republicans will agree that the 2012 GOP caucus took the cake. I delve into the problems with the Feb. 11 poll -- and other, longstanding process shortcomings -- in the new issue of Down East.

Sadly, this piece is to be my last Talk of Maine column for the time being. On Monday, I officially joined the staff of Maine's largest newspapers, the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram. My business card says State and National Affairs Writer, and I'll have dual roles of writing in-depth enterprise news pieces as well as more magazine-like context, analysis, and essay articles, many of which will likely find their home in the Telegram's Insight section.

I'll continue to work on my book projects and to write on national and foreign events for other outlets, but for those who follow my Maine writing, look for the vast majority of it to be in the Press Herald and its sister papers, the Kennebec Journal (in the state capital, Augusta) and Morning Sentinel (in Waterville, city of my birth).


  1. And your new work e-mail address would be or

  2. Mainetoday works for certain; not sure yet about pressherald.

  3. Please keep posting your articles on your blog though! I have an RSS feed that shows up on my home page, and can see when you've posted something new!

  4. @Joan - Absolutely. This blog will stay active regardless.