Thursday, April 5, 2012

Joining the Portland Press Herald

For those who follow my reporting on Maine, it now has a formal home. Next month, I'll be joining the staff of the state's largest paper, the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram, where I'll be doing investigative reporting, news analysis, and coverage of what I think is the all-important beat these days: political finance. Here's the Press Herald's announcement from today's paper. (They've also hired Steve Mistler, intrepid State House correspondent for the Lewiston Sun Journal.)

I'll continue to work on my books and write on national issues for other publications -- foreign stuff too, although with a toddler at home there's been much less of that of late -- but look for my reporting from the Pine Tree State in the Press Herald and its sister papers, the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel. More details to follow.

For background on the Press Herald and its parent company, start here. If you're looking for more on me, my books, and my reporting, try my website. If you're really looking for Bob Woodward and Google has led you astray, redirect your browser here.


  1. I've really enjoyed your past commentary on the Press Herald. How will that change when they're signing your paychecks?

  2. @Xach - Clearly I can't very well serve as a media critic and staffer at the same time, so someone else will have to take up that role.

  3. If ME newspapers are to remain viable, then they'll have to find their way back to doing journalism. The PPH's hire of you and Mistler bodes well and shows the new ownership's step in the right direction, and a commitment to reviving the craft.