Tuesday, March 20, 2012

College athletic conferences and the American Nations

When West Virginia University announced it was leaving the Big East athletic conference in favor of the Big 12, many asked if it was a cultural "fit". The answer, athletic director Oliver Luck tells the Times West Virginian, is yes, absolutely, and marshals American Nations to make his case.

“Appalachia is Scotch-Irish. It isn’t really geographical. It’s a cultural fit, and I believe WVU fits very well," Luck says in the piece. "Our only neighbors in Great Appalachia were Pitt and Cincinnati. South Florida doesn’t fit in there.”

He goes on to argue that the Big East may have itself gone astray by admitting Boise State and San Diego State to Connecticut, and that a complete restructuring may be in order. “The structure of college football needs to change,” he said. “You need someone to put some geographical and culture sense into it so you can be with schools like your own. Maybe we could have a Greater Appalachian Conference where you could have West Virginia, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech and Pitt.”

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