Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Olympia Snowe's departure in The Daily Beast

As you've undoubtedly heard by now, Olympia Snowe, one of the last of the Yankee Republicans, has announced she is not going to seek reelection to the U.S. Senate this fall. And as you can probably imagine, it's created something of an earthquake here in Maine, where any additional candidates have only 15 more days to round up signatures.

Here's my piece on Snowe's departure at The Daily Beast, what it means for the Senate and House races here, and for the future of centrists and the Maine Republican party generally.

We may learn more about Snowe's decision on Friday, when she holds a press conference here in Maine.

For more background on Snowe's deteriorating position, try this Newsweek piece. On the changing face of the Maine Republican Party: this Down East article.


  1. My,my, we wake up this morning with a Snowe tsunami on the political landscape. Actually I think that all bets are off. No one, even those with tons of money, has a lock on this. The play book has changed,a new face will have a great chance. The electorate will be looking at who finances campaigns and candidates who receive big corporate donations will be at a disadvantage. A case can be made that Wall St. is responsible for reckless speculation that has resulted in terrible hardships on Mainers. Any one who goes to bed with Wall St and its big money will wake up with out a seat in this house.
    To make this worse for Wall St., Harry Reid is going to open up a probe into the high price of gas. That will undoubtedly bring the spotlight on to investment banks and hedge funds.
    To pay back the President for nixing the Keystone pipeline, big oil has shut down oil refineries. This, with the Iranian war threat have enabled oil speculators to run the price of a barrel to well over $100. Expect the President to fight back. He will be targeting big oil and commodities speculators. You can expect the President to run against Wall St. It makes good political sense.
    To run against Wall St is a winning strategy, the votes are there. As the price of heating oil and gasoline go through the roof, it will not be hard to put the blame where it belongs. The American people realize that the cancer that has infected our democracy and economy must be addressed. Democrats have a wonderful opportunity to help themselves and the country. It is a civil right not to be manipulated and exploited by predatory banksters. 64% of Americans want real Wall St. reform. That's a number that says that this issue is a winner!

  2. Can we draft someone who would actually be interesting?

    Roxanne Quimby?

    Stephen King?