Monday, August 29, 2011

Reviewing "Seated By The Sea"

For the academic historians out there, my first review for a proper peer-reviewed journal can be found in the September 2011 issue of The New England Quarterly. The subject: Seated By The Sea, Michael Connolly's new history of the port of Portland, Maine in general and its stevedores in particular.

For those who don't have access to an academic library, the summary: Connolly tackles an important and long-neglected topic, and does an excellent job assembling the (largely Irish) stevedores' history, though his treatment of the associated history of the port has some weaknesses.


  1. Colin,

    Are you on Uman, Chuuk? My daughter emailed me looking for the name of the guy how is talking to her grandma in Chuuk and all I could think of was you. My daughter had translated for you on a stop at Uman ~15 years ago. Lost your email but found this blog.


  2. Hi Chris - Alas, no, I haven't been in the FSM since that trip, so it must be someone else!

    That was a great and memorable day by the way. I learned more about Chuukian life and culture in that day trip then all my other Micronesian travels put together. Thanks again to you, your daughter, and family for that! Drop me an email via the website --- -- and, should I ever get back out that way, will give you a yell!