Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maine: LePage takes on another Preti advisor

My story in this week's Portland Phoenix reveals how Maine Gov. Paul LePage has been outsourcing the drafting of his regulatory reform proposals to corporate lobbyists. With the chair of Preti Flaherty's lobbying group, Ann Robinson, simultaneously acting as his advisor and as the registered lobbyist for PhRMA, the Toy Industry of America (TIA), and other interested parties, it's no wonder his reform wish list is packed with measures that help corporations "from away" rather than businesses here in Maine.

Apparently, the governor isn't feeling sheepish about all this. On Friday he announced he had hired a political advisor: Preti attorney Carlisle J.T. McLean, who represented Plum Creek in negotiations with the Land Use Regulatory Commission (which LePage wishes to eliminate) and tried to . keep BPA in baby's bottles and sippy cups on behalf of TIA.

Preti's website boasts of Ms. McLean's expertise in getting client's rezoning applications approved at LURC. Perhaps her skills will come in handy as the governor tries to force LURC to rezone a third of Maine's North Woods for development.


  1. Maybe he's tapping out of state interests because there are so few corporations still interested on Maine. Nice job working the baby killer angle into you piece.

  2. @Laurence: If you're suggesting I have a bias toward healthy infants, you are correct, and you should expect it to be reflected in my reporting.