Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LePage: a more comprehensive look

It's a sign of the state of Maine's media that the most comprehensive and richly sourced article on gubernatorial frontrunner Paul LePage comes to us from an out-of-state publication.

Suzy Khimm, a reporter for Mother Jones magazine, appears to have done the article entirely by telephone from Washington, D.C., but managed to speak to more Republican and Tea Party sources than any of our daily newspapers to date.

One quibble: Ms. Khimm quotes former Maine G.O.P. chair Ted O'meara in the piece, but fails to mention he is also the campaign manager for one of LePage's gubernatorial rivals, independent Eliot Cutler.

For further reading: I've written a couple of pieces on LePage and the Maine "Tea Party" effect in recent months, including this one in Down East and this other one for Newsweek.

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