Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Malaga Island: a proper apology

For those following the Malaga Island story, there was an important development over the weekend.

Governor John Baldacci joined descendants of those evicted from in 1912 by his predecessor for a visit to the island. The governor apologized for the state's (eugenically-inspired) actions. State Rep. Herb Adams (D-Portland) read the state legislature's resolution expressing regret for the act. One descendant said she thought the event had "lifted the curse" on the islander's story.

As I reported in Down East a couple of months ago, the legislature bungled their official apology back in April, passing the resolution without prior notice to descendants or stakeholders and then not informing anyone that it had happened. My story -- published months later -- was the only press report that appeared, and apparently focused Gov. Baldacci's attention on this historical injustice.

I wasn't able to attend on account of my son's birth, but MPBN and the Brunswick Times Record have stories. Richard "Scoops Don't Matter" Connor's Press Herald is expected to run a piece tomorrow.

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