Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the Border

I'm currently on assignment in New Brunswick, Canada and Eastern Maine, researching pieces on tidal energy, Canadian research and innovation strategies, and a wayward nuclear power refit. More on those things later.

For now, a brief missive on Maine politics: An utterly unscientific survey of roadside campaign signs suggest that Washington County's Republicans will elect either Bill Beardsley or Les Otten to be their candidate for Maine governor, with Steve Abbot as a dark horse. (They've apparently never heard of Peter Mills or Bruce Poloquin.) Democrats -- outnumbered 30 to 1 'round here -- prefer Steve Rowe or Rosa Scarcelli. (Having driven a couple hundred miles of roads across the county, I saw but one Libby Mitchell sign.)


  1. The Mitchell campaign is apparently anti-sign. Very few signs in Portland as well.

  2. However the ones that they did put up, they left standing long after the election, which is in poor taste.