Monday, November 2, 2009

Tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy

Wind energy gets all the attention, but in the Bay of Fundy -- home to the world's largest tides -- new, low-impact tidal turbines are hitting the water. This month, the Irish firm OpenHydro will deploy its turbine in Nova Scotia's Minas Basin (where tides exceed 50 feet) and next month Maine's very own Ocean Renewable Power Company tests a prototype off Eastport.

The latest developments are the topic of my piece that just posted over at Global Post. "Exploiting the Motion of the Ocean" is in the Post's Passport section, so you'll need to subscribe to read the whole thing. (But if you care about international news, you may want to do so, as many newspapers have eliminated their foreign bureaus and stringer networks, including the San Francisco Chronicle.) The piece also explores concerns that the devices could effect fisheries.

Other stories from my recent trip to Atlantic Canada coming soon.

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