Tuesday, April 10, 2018

US Surgeon General on American Nations and public health

I ran across this one accidentally on Twitter. Last week, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams gave the keynote address at the American Public Health Association's National Public Health Week Forum in Washington, DC.

Turns out Dr. Adams is an American Nations fan, and he spent several minutes talking about the importance of the paradigm in understanding regional differences in public health challenges and outcomes. "When you look at what's done, when you look at asset health care coverage, when you look at immigrant rights, at contraception and abortion, when you look at drug policy and reduction, two places, Paris, France and Berlin, Germany, that tried to blow each other off the face of the planet, are closer together than Dallas, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts," Adams said. "We truly are a country of different nations."

Here's a clip of his remarks culled from C-SPAN-2's coverage of the event.


  1. Colin-

    Big fan of your work... I've spent a lot of time living internationally and find myself recommending your book to friends abroad to help them understand complicated political realities in the U.S. I'm wondering- have you taken a stab at regionalizing other parts of the Americas, or other parts of the world. Spent time livign in Mexico (Oaxaca) and would like to know your take on Latin America in particular.



  2. Hey Dave - I haven't, but this guy did a few years back, proposing that there are four Mexicos, some clearly extending into the US or Central American states. https://books.google.com/books?id=HsQiDyS4M1MC&printsec=frontcover&dq=inauthor:%22Juan+Enriquez%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiyur_R8OnaAhXoQd8KHfOsACUQ6AEIRjAF#v=onepage&q=%22four%20mexicos%22&f=false