Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Washington Monthly primer on American Nations and 2016 Election

While you're all waiting for Donald Trump's first press conference in half a year, here's a primer I posted over at Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog on my American Nations-driven analysis of the election (itself, data and all, over at the Press Herald.) It summarizes the paradigm for those unfamiliar with it, or who've forgotten it.

That is all.

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  1. I consider your regionalistic theory of voting patterns quite robust. Take for example the heart states, Mississippi and Vermont, of the two most antagonistic regions, the Deep South and Yankeedom. I think they have never ever voted together in a presidential election.

    However, I tend to somehow disagree on the assignment of different characteristics -i.e. political values- between regions that you make to explain those patterns. Also, I think you give too much predictive power to those values. Where were the liberty-minded spirit of White Mississippians and the communitarian-minded spirit of Vermonters the four consecutive elections that Mississippi gave +90% of the vote to FDR and Vermont rejected the man and his New Deal?