Friday, May 6, 2016

Edgar Beem gives me a big shout out

Edgar Allen Beem, longtime Maine journalist and commentator, was kind enough to plug my work in his column in this week's Forecaster newspapers, a chain of weeklies serving Greater Portland and the western Midcoast.

"Colin Woodard is Maine’s top journalist," he writes in the lede of this week's Universal Notebook. "To be more accurate, he’s Maine’s leading freelance intellectual, not only reporting on current events for the Portland newspapers, but researching and writing whole books about the political geography of America in attempt to understand what is happening to our country."

Beem goes on to praise American Nations and American Character, for which I'm grateful.

Thanks, Ed, for the attention and high praise. My five-year old came home from school yesterday and told me his teachers brought a copy into class because "you're famous, Dad."

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