Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Atlantic's American Nations-powered take on New Hampshire's people

Happy New Hampshire primary day, everybody!

Alas, I've been far too overwhelmed to do this sort of thing myself, but The Atlantic's Connor Friedersdorf has taken up the question of who lives in the Granite State these days. I'm pleased to say he starts with American Nations' take on New England culture.

I'd of course have gone on to discuss the Scots-Irish enclave that took root in southern New Hampshire (see Derry, Londonderry and -- as Manchester was originally called -- Derryfield) and how it helps account for the state's electorate having more libertarian tendencies than its New England counterparts. (Some of the early Londonderry settlers moved to Midcoast Maine, shaping that state's trajectory, as readers of Lobster Coast well know.)

Also, for those who enjoyed my recent Politico piece on Des Moines' transformation: look out for the sequel later this month on, yes, Manchester, New Hampshire.

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