Monday, August 11, 2014

Remembering Andrew Ian Dodge

(c) 2014, Portland Press Herald
Andrew Ian Dodge, former Tea Party organizer and US Senate candidate in Maine, died earlier this month at 46. A few months ago, Dodge contacted me and asked if -- in the case that his ongoing rematch with cancer was unsuccessful -- that I'd write his obituary. I was humbled and honored to be asked, especially as Dodge was one of the most interesting people in Maine politics and displayed a combination all to rare amongst politicos: consistency, integrity, passion and humor.

The piece ran in yesterday's Maine Sunday Telegram, and was the lead of the Insight section.

For more on Dodge, here's a piece I wrote for Newsweek a few years back, when he was leading a rear guard action in the emerging struggle between libertarians and social conservatives over the future of the Tea Party movement. 

So long, AID. You'll be dearly missed on both sides of the pond.


  1. I knew Andrew Ian Dodge back when he worked with my roster on Tabloid Purposes One. We miss him with Lake Fossil Press. That artwork is cool for him as you can find the graphic I did for him from his story's first page. It was on his birthday I found he passed away and my classmate's snubbed him as he had months to live.

    1. He was one of a kind, and his death has impoverished Maine's political world.