Sunday, June 29, 2014

Unsettled -- 29 parts, one epic story - begins today

"Unsettled", the shocking and epic story of Maine's Passamaquoddy people in living  memory, officially kicked off today in the Maine Sunday Telegram, where Chapter One occupied the entirety of the front page.

The series -- 29 parts, fifty years, a single narrative -- continues every day on page one of the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram through July 27. The Prologue posted online Friday, and appears inside the A section of today's paper. If you include an additional story-length sidebar and an epilogue scheduled in early August, there are 32 components, plus online features and documents, and the brilliant work of staff photographer Gabe Souza, who explored the reservations by car, foot, and airplane to illustrate this jaw-dropping story.

Thanks to everyone out there who spent the time to speak with me and helped me assemble the saga of some of Maine's real natives. Also to my colleagues at the Press Herald -- especially Brian Robitaille, Peter Vachon, Yoon Byun, and Michel Fisher -- who spent many hours seeing this project through to execution -- and editors Cliff Schecthman and Steve Greenlee who supported this ambitious undertaking with unwavering enthusiasm and generosity.

Enjoy, readers, and hold onto your seats.

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