Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ex-con unsmaked by Maine tribe seeks job in California under another name

I have an update today on the strange case of Charles Fourcloud -- or whatever name he's going by in your state -- the former Passamaquoddy tribal finance director unmasked in September as an ex-con embezzler who stole millions from a tribe in South Dakota in the 1990s and has been bouncing around the country for the past five years, applying to finance jobs at small tribes in remote areas.

As you can read in today's Portland Press Herald, Fourcloud was in a remote corner of California last Friday, applying for another tribal finance director job under an assumed name. Officials there say they were about to offer him the position when colleagues in Alaska pointed them to one of my previous Press Herald stories, which included a photo of "Fourcloud" (dba Arlynn Knudsen at al.)

One small correction. Fourcloud is apparently not yet facing fresh charges here in Maine -- the new motion for the return of property was filed by his attorney, the D.A. in Calais old me this morning when he finally got back to me. The investigation into his activities in Maine is still ongoing.

Policy question: why can't Maine county courts provide basic information on cases short of receiving a written request by U.S. post  which they will only respond to in like fashion? As the twerps might say: #Obstruction #TheseArePublicRecords #JoinThe21stCentury

In any case, enjoy. And do your criminal background checks.

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