Thursday, February 14, 2013

Talking American Nations on KUAR - Little Rock

I recently recorded a two-part American Nations interview on "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow", a generational-minded program produced by KUAR, the regional public radio station based at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. The first part ran this week and is now available online.

Listeners in Arkansas -- a state divided between the Deep South and Appalachia -- can hear the second half on next week's program.

Thanks to producer Phil Mariage for his interest. [Update, 10/23/13: part two of the interview is now available as well.]

On an unrelated topic, thanks also to those of you who came to last night's oceans-related presentation at the Portland Museum of Art. I'm pleased so many have discovered Ocean's End, a book that was perhaps a few years ahead of its time; if you're not familiar with the Bigelow Laboratory's work, do check them out.

And if you want to read up further on the oceans or American history, consider doing so via a Longfellow Books' gift certificate. The stalwart independent bookstore was flooded by a freak accident triggered by last week's epic blizzard and could use the shot in the arm!

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