Friday, August 3, 2012

Cheap Maine lobster triggers blockades at Canadian processing plants

Here in Maine, lobster prices have been at forty year lows, and the source of considerable consternation for those who harvest the crustaceans.

Thus I think many here will greet my story on the cover of today's Portland Press Herald with a combination of combination of sympathy and surprise.

Lobstermen in eastern New Brunswick -- who take July off but are to start their summer fishing season on Aug. 9 -- are furious at lobster processors there for filling up their inventory with cheap Maine-caught lobster, perhaps leaving no room to buy locally-caught lobster later this month. For the past two days hundreds have blockaded processing plants demanding an end to imports from the U.S. -- and even detained a truck driver from Steuben, Maine carrying a load of lobster to one of the plants.... But I've said too much already; read the story!

(For those interested in the history of our coastal fishing communities -- and lobstering in particular -- I humbly refer you to my second book, The Lobster Coast.)

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