Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maine: a Senate candidate's financial priorities

Here's another one from the Can't Make This Stuff Up Department, which has been sadly expanding its footprint on the Maine political scene of late.

Louis Maietta, the Republican candidate in the special election to replace the retiring state senator for South Portland, has a company under bankruptcy protection. He owes the City of South Portland over $14,000 in unpaid taxes. He reportedly has two court judgments against him to return $770,000 to a 96-year old woman over whom he once had power of attorney.

But MPBN couldn't reach him for yesterday's story because -- wait for it -- he's in the Turks & Caicos Islands attending his daughter's destination wedding.

You'd think this apparent lack of fiscal responsibility would concern the GOP, which hopes to pick up the seat previously occupied by Democrat Larry Bliss. But state party chair Charlie Webster had this to say to MPBN: "Who's somebody sleeping with or where they moved here from or how much debt they have or if they owe money to somebody--those things are not significant," Webster says. "The question is, he capable of representing the district? He did it in the House for a couple years. He's a successful businessman, well-known in the community."


[Update, 5/11/2011: Maietta was defeated by his Democratic challenger, Cynthia Dill, by more than 2-1.]


  1. Is he paying for wedding or just attending? If the former, then his financial woes and judgment become even more of a question.

  2. @Nancy: Indeed. No way of knowing, though he is the father of the bride.

  3. Successful businessmen file for BK and steal from 90yr old ladies? Sorry, Charlie!

    And why am I getting letters - practically daily - from Lisbon Falls dumping on Cynthia Dill and touting Maietta's "stellar" voting record?

  4. @ Johnnyd - I believe the connection is based on Dill working against a gun control law. The Lisbon letters are coming from a rep who is looking to make concealed weapons not have to have a permit.