Friday, February 4, 2011

Talking about LePage's "Secret Bankers" on WERU

I was the guest on WERU's Radioactive program yesterday, talking about "LePage's Secret Bankers," my Portland Phoenix piece on the governor's corporate backers in the Republican Governor's Association Maine PAC.

You can now listen to the segment online: it's at the bottom of the linked page, the one marked "2/3 Radioactive."

I first wrote about the governor's backers in the RGA Maine PAC here at World Wide Woodard, and spoke with MPBN about the issue in December.

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  1. Hello, MPNA is know different than "MBNA, BANK of AMERICA or WELLS FARGO BANK or KELLER WILLIAMS" these people are all tied into each other and "MR. LEPAGE needs to be TAXING all these people from other States and FOREIGN COUNTRIES in the STATE of MAINES COASTAL SHORES AND LAND LOCK VENTURES that these people don't reside at. We need a "SOLID ECONOMY BUDGET for THE STATE of MAINE and this is how we can "OVER COME THE PROBLEM in THE STATE of MAINE"?? START TAXING THE RICHY RICH that belong too all these "ALUMINI CLUBS" that HOUSE ALL THEIR TOYS and RICH GIRL FREINDS AND BOY FREINDS HERE IN "THE STATE of MAINE" for six months out off the YEAR MR.LEPAGE."!!?? We TAX these "RICHY CHILDREN that are HERE IN THE STATE of MAINE", then MAINES budget will be come "SOLID"!!?? Mr. Lepage whom is "A.C. INC. QUALITY SEAFOOD, BEALS of BOSTON, GARBO SEAFOOD, SHELLFISH TRUCKING it on the coast of Maines coast and our local fishermen aren't "FISHING for LOBSTER", hauled in by "CARVER SHELLFISH"? Whom are these people MR.LEPAGE does "DOT STOP and check theses TRUCKS on MAINES COASTAL ROADS HERE IN the STATE of MAINE", MR.LEPAGE"!!??