Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ocean's End: the documentary series?

My first book, Ocean's End: Travels Through Endangered Seas, had me traveling the globe to explore the destruction of marine ecosystems and the human communities that depend on them.

In a little over a year I saw empty fishing towns in Newfoundland, deserted beach resorts on the Black Sea, bleaching corals on the Belize Barrier Reef, vanishing bayous around New Orleans, melting ice sheets in Antarctica, and eroding island nations in the center of the Pacific. From Atlantic Canada to former Soviet Georgia, ocean systems were in big trouble, often needlessly. They still are, and in most cases, the situation has gotten worse.

Junto Entertainment out in L.A. would like to make Ocean's End into a documentary series, and would do it in association with Lawrence Bender, the guy who made An Inconvenient Truth. Anyone familiar with the global state of the oceans knows the world needs a wake up call -- what's happening is literally out of sight, out of mind -- and film can bring it home like no other medium. Now they've got their treatment up on their revamped website, so any media mogul can find it.


  1. Sounds great. Best of luck getting this made.

  2. How timely is that?
    looks like a very well-established outfit, and Ms. Cousteau is quite the asset. Keep us posted

  3. I told you several years ago "rewrite the book and do a second edition so my coastal policy students can read it and this needs to be a movie."

    So now one is happening but, Colin, how about that quick update and rewrite? With "Oil in the Gulf" as the last chapter :-(

    Steffen Schmidt, Dr Politics

  4. Would love to do that, Steffen. Tricky bit is convincing publishers to come out with a new edition, but perhaps the oil spill has altered the zeitgeist.