Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Portland Author 2009

An update from the Department of Vulgar Self Promotion: the readers of the Portland Phoenix, my home city's alternative weekly newspaper, have named me Best Portland Author in the paper's Best of '09 competition.

Other winners in this year's competition include: Portland's Buy Local campaign (Best Non-Profit, Best Local Cause), Pat's Meat Market (Best Butcher), Strange Maine (BestBlog), Portland Food Map (Best Food Blog), Yosaku (Best Sushi), and Longfellow Books (Best Bookstore).

My heartfelt thanks to fans of The Republic of Pirates, The Lobster Coast, and Ocean's End for their support. Also be sure to check out my worthy co-nominees -- Ron Currie, Phillip Hoose, Lewis Robinson, and Jan Watson -- who've helped make our little city a literary hub.


  1. Outstanding!
    Congratulations Colin!
    May I have the honor of purchasing a celebratory pint of Portland microbrew for you and your lovely wife in the very near future?

  2. Hey Colin,

    The best is only vulgar to the worst, so promote away, it beats false modesty.